Single Song Mastering

Mastering is the process of taking a recording and enhancing it to its fullest potential. It's the fine-tuning that will make your mixes sound as “big” and as “clear” as possible without compromising the original feel or quality. This not only makes each song sound individually the best it can, but also makes the album as a whole sound consistent and unified.

Single song mastering is a fast and easy way to have your audio professionally mastered online, at a very affordable rate. This is a great low cost solution for artists who need to get just a song or two up to industry standards. And if you decide to use us to master a full album at a later date, we will credit you $20 for the song we have already mastered for you.

Once you send us your song for mastering, an experienced engineer will screen your track. After we finish our assessment of the existing sound, we will master your song using an appropriate chain of analog and digital equipment.

The standard turnaround time for single song mastering is approximately  24 hours. Upon completion, you will receive a link and password to preview the before and after master version. Once you have listened to your master, should there be edits you wish to make, simply email us with your change requests, we will implement those changes and send you another updated master at no additional charge (all revisions included are free). Once complete we will email you another link to download the Master Copy!

Service Includes:
  • Noise Reduction
  • Proper Equalization
  • Tube Compression
  • Mastering Reverb
  • Peak Limiting
  • Adding Ambience
  • Stereo Widening
  • Bass Enhancement
  • Maximization
  • Dynamic Expansion
  • Fades/Crossfades

Mastering Sample 1 (Rap)

Click the  "Play Button" then switch to between the before and after buttons! All songs copyright their respective songwriter, producer, artist, or label.

RAP - Lawless Ben
Before Master
Mastered by DMR

Mastering for Itunes

It lets your listeners hear your music uncompressed and exactly the way it sounds in the Mastering studio before export, eliminating clipping and inter-sample peaks. This means your listeners will be able to stream and download your songs at the absolute highest quality possible on iTunes. Not just any song can be qualified for iTunes Mastering, your recordings must be in at least 24-bit uncompressed audio format, such as 24-bit 96kHz sample rate *.wav format, you can not upconvert a lower bit rate and sample rate, if you do iTunes will automatically dismiss your submission.