We have the most competitive mixing and mastering prices on the internet. (((Listen to Samples))) If you have done any Google research and price comparison then you already know it. We’re passionate about music and happy to put our experience at your service. Our Engineers Currently Mix and Masters Over 5 Songs Per Day! Each project is Mastered according to genre and what the artist/producer suggests. We do not use the same settings and equipment on any one project or song. We use our vast arsenal of analog and digital audio equipment to get the results you expect from an established Mastering Studio. All files are mastered down to a WAV file 44k, 16 bit. Free revision of your song.  99.9% of the time our customers are really impressed with their mastered file the first time we send it to them, but if for any reason you are not, we will remaster it to your specs for FREE! Always ensuring 100% customer satisfaction! (((CLIENTS CLICK HERE)))

One of our mastering engineers will master your material, using professional analog and digital equipment. You can look at our (((FAQ))) to get more info as well. We will take your final audio recording and apply professional mastering techniques using our highly experienced engineers and high-end mastering gear (EQ, Compression, Stereo Imaging, De-Esseing, and Limiters) to deliver you a master with unparalleled clarity, smooth low-end punch, stereo depth, detail… and of course an optimum LOUDNESS level that meets today’s current industry standards. (((CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PRE-MASTERING TIPS BEFORE SUBMITTING)))


A fast and easy way to have your audio professionally mastered online, at a very affordable rate. This is a great low cost solution for artists to get their music up to industry standards.


A professional mix could be the difference between success and failure. We offer an affordable mixing service starting at just $70 per song. Free mastering is included on every song we mix.

ALBUM $156

This mastering package will ensure your album ready for it's release. We offer the most affordable rate for artists/bands at only $156 for up to 12 songs! Let us get your album the credit it deserves!