It’s been a spectacular journey for Leroy B. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, this country singer/songwriter has quite the story to tell. He graduated from Rockport Texas, home to a population of less than 9,000 and the town known for being certified as Texas' first Blue Wave Beach!  After graduation, Leroy B joined the United States Army and completed three combat tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2006, Leroy B competed and won the once popular Military Idol competition. Shortly after creating Dual Mic Records in 2006, Leroy B took a break from his country roots and picked up the alias Quik C. What started off as a joke, turned into something far more. Under the rap name Quik C, he relased an album with Interscope Records and went on to be featured in numerous Hip-Hop artist records such as Sociopath, Slym Totta, T-wills, and Tone-O. Today Quik C is no more but he is "back to his roots" bringing you the best Country Music has to offer. Be on the look out for the Album "Back to my roots" set to be released early 2018.

-Leroy B-

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